Thursday, January 15, 2009

Easy Elevation Download - CGIAR-CSI

Here is something to elevate your GIS spirits. CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information have a established a user friendly option to download SRTM elevation data which is originally produced by NASA. There is now a simple and fast way to download the SRTM tiles. Click here to access the download page. As you can see in the image above, I want to download all tiles for Indonesia. I have selected the tiles I need for this and then clicked the click here to begin search button. You will get a list of all the tiles you have selected and you can download them easily by clicking on the data download arrow.

The SRTM 90m DEM's have a resolution of 90m at the equator, and are provided in mosaiced 5 deg x 5 deg tiles for easy download and use.

Newbies: For all you newbies who are looking for contour lines, you can use these images to create them. Download the open source software MapWindow GIS. Open MapWindow GIS and click on Plugins > GIS Tools. Click on GIS Tools in the top menu and then go to raster> generate a contour Shapefile. Then specify the contour interval and directory and click Generate.


Brentles said...

Whooooar, contour lines, nice... That might be handy to check how high our cross island walks go hmmm...

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